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About DigitalBix

DigitalBix is The Biggest Internet eXpress for Providing  the All Online Services like Online Classifieds Services, Yellow Pages Services, Discount Coupon Services, Online Shopping Services, Education Services, Training Services, and All Tips and Tricks.

About DigitalBix:

DigitalBix Services is a Leading Biggest Internet express in India and Advanced Digital Based Technology Company.  Our mission is to develop and provide the best solutions to the customers and businesses throughout the world with a Advanced Technology. DigitalBix provides the complete Solutions for the Indian customers and some of the services worldwide to the business to business and business to customer.

Our Vision & Mission:

Our Main Vision and Mission are to become the No.1 Service, Market Place India to provide all services and products at a single place with the Advanced Technology. Also provide the Best Services to the all Indian customers and some possible services to the global customers for all personal and business needs.

Our Business Model:

DigitalBix is Biggest Platform in India to provide all services at a single place. All DigitalBix Products and Services are available on subscription basis to the businesses and customers in India and some throughout the globe. Businesses/Companies using our DigitalBix Platform for delivering their own services to the customers and Some Business use our Platform to Promote and sell their Products easily. Customers use our Platform to Easily Reach their Destination to get services from the Businesses or Buy products from the Businesses. DigitalBix also offers some own products and services to our customers to provide best quality services and products.

Our Products and Services:

DigitalBix offers multiple products and services like yellow pages, classifieds, Shopping, Booking Services, Discount coupons , education info, infotainment etc in India and abroad for business and customers to easy to get their destinations and targets at a single place. DigitalBix provides the best Digital Services and Products in India and abroad with the Advanced Technology in Many Ways. We provide our Services through the Website, Phone, SMS and Print Media etc.

Our Strengths:

DigitalBix is the first advanced technology based company in the world to provide all the services and products at a single place. Our strengths are understanding the gaps in the globe and filling the gaps by providing the best quality of services with the latest technology.

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