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| Uncategorized | December 8, 2017

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eBay Coupons

| Uncategorized | December 7, 2017

Abou eBay:

EBay is an multinational and e-commerce organization. EBay provides consumer to consumer, business work via the internet. The company builder is Pierre omidyar, this company established in the year of 1995.and the eBay group success story is dot-com bubble. The company business is in multibillion dollars. And this company restricted in 30 communities.

The organization manages eBay.com, this organization service for shopping, people buy and sell a deep variety of goods and services all over countries. The website has since expanded to also “buy it now” concept shopping.  EBay is a place for online bidding. Anybody can sell almost anything they want eBay. People many things buy eBay as well.

Shopping by UPC, ISB, or Other type of SKU (via Half.com), Online classified advertisements (via Kijji), Online event ticket trading (via Stub Shub) and so many services. EBay offered online money transfer (like PayPal).  The website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items, and again listed items   when those items are sold.

Some items may be collected by the buyer such as items to large post. Buyers can transfer the money in any action they want as long as the sellers accept payment use PayPal to transfer the money. PayPal is owned by the same people as

As of Sep 2014 eBay has over 40 companies won by purchase of Skype, a voice over internet acquired companies are related to online auction. Protocol company for US $2.6 billion. The majority of companies won by the eBay are based in the United States .most of the eBay. Margaret Whitman IS the CEO of eBay from 1998 to 2008.


In September 3,1995 the Auction web was founded in California, the French born Iranian-American computer programmer Pierre Omidyar  Born in June 21,1967.the first item sold the Auction Web  was  broken a laser pointer  for $14.83.omidyar contacted the bidding  winner to ask that the laser pointer was broken. The buyer responding email explained that “I’m a collector of broken laser pointers. That frequently repeated story the eBay was established story to help omidyars fiancée PeZ candy was fabricated by a public relation manager in to interest the media in 1997.the Pierre not interested in the company before explanation about wanting to create a “Perfect market”.

Omidyar reported the internet service provider informed to upgrade a business account due to high volume of traffic to his website. The resulting charge increases ($30 to $250) forced him to start charging internet provider used eBay.

Jeffery Skoll was early hired the first president of the company in 1996.

In November 1996 the company got first third party license entered in to the electronic travel bidding to use smart market technology to sell travel and plane tickets.

The company growth is outstanding. In January 1997 the eBay site hosted 2,000,000 biddings. compared with 250,000 during the whole of year of 1996. The company officially name changed the service from auction Web to eBay in Pierre omidyars consulting firm.

The Pierre omidyar had tried to register the name echobay.com. But this name is already registered Echo Bay mines, is a gold mining company. The Pierre omidyar shortened to his name second choice eBay.com

On 1997, the eBay company received $ 6.7 million funding from the venture benchmark capital firm.

On March 1998, the Meg Whitman was hired eBay CEO and President, at the time the company had employees. Half a million revenues and users of $4.7 million needed in the United States.

on september 21,1998 eBay went public ,the pierre omidyar  and  jeffery skoll became instant billionaires.


As company product categorie expanded into almot any sealable items,the company business grew quickly.the company purchased iBazar in februaey 2002.and a european auction website founded in 1998, the date of october 3,2002  eBay bought paypal.

In september 2007 the company name was conformed by “ebay” and in october 2012 the ebay name has ben used.

After the company expaned worldwide in 2008.hundred millions of registerd users,  15,000+employees and revenues of nearly $7.7 billion.

After ten years at eBay,the whitman decided to enter the politics.on january 23,2008 the company announced to the ceo and president.

On march 31,2008 the john donahoe was selected to became a ceo and president.the whitman remained board of directors and advice continued to john donahoe through 2008.

The eBay company completed the sae of Skype for $2.75 billion in late 2009, but eBay still own 30% equity in the company.

In 2012 eBay company was charged by the US(united states) department  of justice entering into non-solicitation agreements for other technology companies involving with highly skilled employees.

In semptecmber 30,2014,eBay announced it,the spinoff paypal into a public traded company separately.the completed spinoff on july  18,2015.

On september 30, 2014  ebay announced the paypal as  an independent company. eBay generates revenue by a system of fees for services.the companys buiness policy include increasing international trade.the company ebay runs busees b/w san fransisco and an jose campus.This busses is to reduce the numder of commuting vehicles.

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Paytm Coupons

| Uncategorized | December 7, 2017

 Offer: Get 5% Cashback, Up to Rs.150 on bus ticket bookings.​
Coupon: BUS150
​​Valid till: 28th Feb
-No Minimum transaction value.
-Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction.
-Offer is valid once in a day and six times in a month per user.
-Cancelled orders will not be eligible.
-User needs to have verified mobile number on Paytm.

Offer: Get Up to 10% Cashback .

Coupon: BUSNEW120
Valid till: 28th Feb
TnCs :
​-Offer is valid for only new user for bus ticket booking. ​
​​​-Minimum transaction value is ₹200.
-Maximum cashback amount is ₹120.
-Cancelled orders will not be eligible.

-The user needs to have verified mobile number on Paytm.

Offer: Get flat ₹200 Cashback.​

Coupon: BUS200
Valid till: 28th Feb
TnCs :
​-Maximum cashback of ₹200.
-Offer is valid once in a day and thrice in a month per user.
-Minimum order value is ₹2000.
-Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction.
-User needs to have verified mobile number on Paytm to get cashback.

Offer: Flat Rs.125 Cashback on bus tickets bookings.

​Coupon: BUS2DELHI
Valid till: 28th Feb
-Offer is valid only on the routes of Delhi.
-No minimum transaction value.
-Offer valid twice per user.​​

Offer : Flat Rs.100 Cashback on Bus ticket Booking .

​Coupon: FEBBUS
Valid till: 28th Feb
​TnCs: ​
-Offer Valid only on journey dates starting from 1st Feb’17 to 28th Feb’17.
-Minimum Transaction Value is Rs.300
-Cancelled Orders will not be eligible .

Offer: Get Rs.25 Cashback on Bus Ticket Bookings

​Coupon: BUS25
Valid till: 28th Feb
-User get Rs.25 Cashback on Bus Ticket Booking
-Offer is Valid only 6 times per user.
-cashback will be credited 24 hours of successful transactions.
-Cancelled Orders will not be eligible for Cashback.

Offer: Flat Rs.500 Cashback on Flight Bookings .

Coupon: FLY500
Valid till: 28th Jan
TnCs :
-Minimum transaction value is ₹6000.
-Offer is valid thrice per user.
-Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction.
-The user needs to have verified mobile number on Paytm to get cashback.
-Cancelled orders will not be eligible.

Offer: Get Up to Rs.10000 Cashback on International Flight Bookings

Coupon: FLY​INTL
​Valid till: 28th Feb
TnCs: ​
-Offer is valid once per user.
-Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction.
-The user needs to have verified mobile number on Paytm to get cash back.
-Cancelled orders will not be eligible.
-Offer not valid on Domestic Flight Bookings.

Offer: Get 4% Cashback Up to Rs.1000

Coupon: FLY
Valid till: 28th Jan
TnCs :
-No minimum order value.
-Offer is valid six times per user.
-Cashback will be credited within 24 hours of the transaction.
-User needs to have verified mobile number on Paytm to get cashback.
-Cancelled orders will not be eligible

About Paytm:

Paytm is one of the best e-commerce website and largest mobile commerce platform and it is located in India, Noida. Paytm was introduced in the year of 2010 by Mr. Vijay Shekar Sharma. And he is the CEO and Founder of the Paytm Company. In today’s world the Paytm provides the full market place to the customers and it has more than 100 million registered users. It is a internet based industry or company and the main service of this company is online shopping. Official website of the Paytm is www.paytm.com. The Alexa rank of the paytm is 281 (as the month of August 2016).the Paytm was owned by the one 97 communications. The first service i.e., offered by the Paytm Company is the mobile recharge, the E-Commerce and the providing bill payments and etc, with some products similar to the various businesses like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. In the year of 2015 Paytm offering the service of online booking of bus tickets and also offering the movie ticket booking service and this service was introduced in the year of 2016. Over 60 million orders per month are scaled by the Paytm Company. About 197 investors include the Sapphire venture, the Ant financial (Ali), Silicon valley bank and the SAIF Partners.

Background of Paytm:

Paytm was established and produced by one97 communications in the year of 2010 as the mobile recharge (Prepaid) website. And the Paytm is composite for payment through mobile ith the various apps like Windows, Android and the IOS.

Bank Payments of Paytm Company:

Paytm has received a license from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the year 2015 for starting the first bank payments in India. And the bank design is to use the existing user of Paytm base for offering the various new services like saving accounts, to enable cashless economy, including the debit cards and the internet banking and the transfers.51 % of the payment bank will be hold by the founder of the paytm named Vijay Shekhar Sharma, 39 % of the payment bank will be hold by the one97 communications and by subsidiary of the one97 communications 10% of the payment bank will be holded and Vijay Sharma.

Paytm Sponsorships:  Paytm holds their sponsor ship with the BCCI (i.e., Board of control for Cricket in India) for all international and the domestic level series for the period of 4 years where it was introduced by the BCCI.

Paytm Services Online:

Various services of the Paytm and the description is given as follows.

1 .Mobile Recharge Online

i). Airtel Recharge

ii). Aircel Recharge

iii). BSNL Recharge

iv). Idea Recharge

v). MTNL Recharge

vi). MTS Recharge

vii). Reliance GSM Recharge

viii). Telenor Recharge

ix). Tata Docomo Recharge

x). Telenor or Uninor Recharge

  1. DTH Recharge Online

i). Airtel DTH Recharge Online

ii). Videocon DTH Recharge Online

iii). DISH TV Recharge Online

iv). Tata Sky Recharge Online

v). Reliance DTH Recharge Online

vi). Sun Direct Recharge Online

  1. Data card Recharge Online

i). BSNL Datacard Recharge

ii).Reliance Netconnect Datacard Recharge

iii).Tata Photon+ Datacard Recharge

iv).Tata Photon Whiz Datacard Recharge

v). MTS Mbrowse Datacard Recharge

  1. vi) MTS Mblaze Datacard Recharge

vii). MTNL Datacard Recharge

viii). Airtel Datacard Recharge

ix). Vodafone Datacard Recharge

x). Aircel Datacard Recharge

  1. Landline Bill Payment Online

i). Airtel Landline Bill Payment Online

ii). Connect Broadband Landline Bill Payment

iii). MTS Landline Bill Payment|Reliance Landline Bill Payment

iv). Datacard Bill Payment

v). Reliance Netconnect Datacard Bill Payment

vi). Tata Photon+ Datacard Bill Payment

vii). Tata Photon Whiz Datacard Bill Payment

viii). Airtel Datacard Bill Payment

ix). BSNL Datacard Bill Payment

x). MTNL Datacard Bill Payment

xi). MTS MBlaze Datacard Bill Payment

xii). MTS MBrowse Datacard Bill Payment

xiii). Vodafone Datacard Bill Payment

  1. Electricity Bill Payment Online

i). UHBVN Bill Pay

ii). BESCOM Electricity Bill Payment

iii). BSES Rajdhani Bill Payment

iv). CESC Electricity Bill Payment

v). NPCL Bill Payment

vi). North Bihar Power Distribution Bill Payment

vii). SNDL Nagpur Bill Payment

viii). TATA Power DDL Bill Payment

ix). Torrent Power Limited Bill Payment

x). Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. Bill Payment

xi). South Bihar Power Distribution Bill Payment

  1. Mobile Bill Payment

i). Airtel Bill Payment

ii). BSNL Bill Payment

iii). Idea Bill Payment

iv). Vodafone Bill Payment

v). Tata Docomo GSM Bill Payment

vi). Tata Docomo CDMA Bill Payment

vii). Reliance CDMA Bill Payment

viii). Reliance GSM Bill Payment

ix). MTS Bill Payment

  1. Gas Bill Payment

i). Mahanagar Gas Bill Payment

ii). Adani Gas Limited Bill Payment

iii). Siti Energy Ltd Gas Bill Payment

iv). Metro Card Recharge

v). Delhi Metro Card Recharge

vi). Mumbai Metro Card Recharge

vii). Water Bill Payment

viii). Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Water Bill Payment

ix). Aurangabad Water Bill Payment

  1. Insurance Premium Payment Online

i). ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Premium Payment

ii). SBI General Insurance Limited Premium Payment

iii). Reliance Life Insurance Premium Payment

iv). TATA AIA Life Insurance Premium Payment

v). Reliance General Insurance Premium Payment

vi). Religare Health Insurance Premium Payment

vii). IndiaFirst Life Insurance Premium Payment

  1. Amusement Park Tickets Online

i). Water Parks in Delhi

ii). Water Parks in Pune

iii). Theme Parks in Mumbai

iv). Theme Parks in Chennai

v). Water Parks in Lucknow

  1. Book Hotels Online

i). Nainital Hotels

ii). Shimla Hotels

iii). Kodaikanal Hotels

iv). Coorg Hotels

v). Mumbai Hotels

vi). Pune Hotels

vii). Goa Hotels

viii). Hyderabad Hotels

ix). Delhi Hotels

x). Jaipur Hotels

xi). Mussoorie Hotels

xii). Srinagar Hotels

  1. Book Movie Tickets Online

i). Movies in Hyderabad

ii). Movies in Chandigarh

iii). Movies in Chennai

iv). Movies in Pune

v). Movies in Ahmedabad

vi). Movies in Kolkata

vii). Movies in Vijayawada

viii). Movies in Delhi

ix). Movies in Vizag

x). Movies in Madurai

xi). Movies in Thrissur

  1. Book Bus Tickets

i). Chennai to Bangalore Bus

ii). Hyderabad to Bangalore Bus

iii). Bangalore to Hyderabad Bus

iv). Bangalore to Chennai Bus

v). Mumbai to Pune Bus

vi). Pune to Shirdi Bus

vii). Hyderabad to Goa Bus

viii). Mumbai to Hyderabad Bus

ix). Pune to Indore Bus

x). Indore to Bhopal Bus

xi). Chennai to Coimbatore Bus

xii). Chennai to Hyderabad Bus

  1. Special Offers Online

i). Paytm Offers

ii). Travel Offers

iii). Hotel Booking Offers

iv). Bus Ticket Offers

v). Flight Offers

vi). Recharge Offers

vii).Movie Ticket Offers

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Flipkart Coupons

| Uncategorized | December 7, 2017

Get Discounts on new Mobile Phone launches, deep discounts across all categories, huge price drops as well as bank cashback offers in this month.click the below link to activate the offer.

Click Here to Activate Offer:  Flipkart Offers

How to use the Flipkart Coupons & Offers:

  1. Click on the link we provided in this page
  2. After clicking on link you are redirected to the Flipkart website.
  3. If We are provided the coupon code then you can enter the given code at the time of the cart/bill payment.
  4. if we are provided the only offer link your offer/coupon code directly activated then the price will be decreases directly.
  5. buy the products from flipkart .
  6. happy buying from flipkart.

About Flipkart:

Flip Kart is one of the best ecommerce Company in India. Flip kart was introduced in the year of 2007 by the two persons named Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. Flipkart is located in Karnataka and Bangalore, India. Served area of the flipkart is across India. The key people of the flipkart company are Sachin Bansal (Chairman) and Binny Bansal (CEO) and it is of internet based company or industry. It was registered in Singapore, and the flipkart has its various branches in India in two cities like Karnataka and in Bangalore. The main service of the flipkart is “online shopping”. Flipkart is India’s most leading ecommerce company with more than 40 billion products and over 80+ categories. As in the year of 2015 the revenue of the flipkart is Rs. 10. 245 crores (i.e., US$ 1.5 billion) and it has more than 35, 000 workers across India as on the year of 2015.

It has launched its own product range by the name of ‘Dig Flip’ with the products like Universal Serial Buses (USB’s), Tablets and the Laptop bags. There are two subsidiaries of the flipkart are there which are Jabong.com and the Myntra. The Alexa rank of the Flipkart is 118 as on August 2016. In a month of May in 2015 the last fundraising round of the Flip kart Company had pegged its valuation at the price of $15 billion. The Morgan Stanley lowered valuation of the flip karts in the May in the year 2016 is to the price $9.39 billion.

Official website of Flipkart:  www.flipkart.com

Flipkart History:

As we discussed in above description the Flip kart is a one of the best Ecommerce Company in India. It was introduced in 2007 year, by the two key peoples named Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. Both they are alumni of the Indian institute of technology in Delhi. Both Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal are worked for Amazon Company, and later they left the Amazon and they planned to create their own new company that is introduced a Flipkart Online Services Private Limited in a month of October in 2007 year. The first product was sold by the flip kart is the book, named as “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World” to the customer and the customer is from Hyderabad, India. Presently the FlipKart has more than 35,000 employees. Flipkart Company provides the various services which are given below.

  1. Internet Banking
  2. Credit/Debit Card Transactions
  3. The Cash on Delivery
  4. E-gift Voucher
  5. Swipe on Delivery

After the failure of Flip karts big billion sale in the year of 2014, It has recently concluded the 2nd edition of the big billion sale that is held in a month of October between the dates 13 & 17.

  1. Flipkart Business Structure:

In 25 November 2014, a leading media outlet reporting the flipkart operating through a nine organizations, this nine organizations are, some of registered in Singapore and some in india.these nine organizations are complex business structures. In 2012, the flipkart co-founders sold WS retail to a holding company of investors led by Rajeev kuchhal

FLIPKART Awards & Recognition:

  • In April 2016, the company founders Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal were named in top 100 most influential people in India.
  • In Sep 2015, theflipkart fonders Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal entered Forbes India rich list at the 86th position with a worth of $ 1.3 billion each.
  • The Co-founder of FLIPKART, sachin bansalgot Entrepreneur of the 2012-2013 year award from

Economic Times, leading Indian daily.

  • In 2012 FLIPKART.COM was awarded CNBC TV 18’s (IBLA) ‘India Business Leader Awards 2012’.in the role of “young Turk of the year”.
  • In 2011,flipkart.com got indiamart leader of tomorrow award

IN-House Products:

  • In July 2014, the flip kart launched its own set of mobile phones, tablets & phablet.the first series tablet phones was Digiflip Pro XT 712 Tablet.
  • In July 2014, the Flipkart launched its own brand networking rooter; the rooter name is DigiFlip wr001 300 Mbit/s wireless N rooter.
  • In September 2014, the FLIPKART launched its personal healthcare brand citron and in-house home appliances.


  • In 2015,the FLIPKART contracted for a route optimization and a navigation startup with mapmyindia  to help improve its delivery using the mapmyindia


In October and November 2011,the FLIPKART Acquired the websites chakpak.com and mime360.com

In February 2012,the company released its new flyte digital  music store.the flyte is a legal music download service in the tone of Itunes and AMAZON.COM,OFFERED FREE mp3 Music downloads.but it is closed on 17 june 2013,the flyte is a paid song downloads ,this flyte is did not get popular in india dye to advent of free music sreaming sites.


Motorola previously owned by  the google company but Motorola sold to Lenovo ,In 5 Feb 2014 the Lenovo tie up with FLIPKART  Launched its smartphone MOTO G In INDIA.more than 20,000 units MOTO-G smart phones sold within hours of launch on Flipkart on india.

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    Get Discounts on new Mobile Phone launches, deep discounts across all categories, huge price drops as well as bank cashback offers in this month.click the below...

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     Offer: Get 5% Cashback, Up to Rs.150 on bus ticket bookings.​ Coupon: BUS150 ​​Valid till: 28th Feb L.P: https://paytm.com/bus-tickets​ TnCs: -No Minimum tra...

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