Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi

quotes of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahathma  Gandhi was born in Maharashtra at porbundur on 2nd October 1896. His full name is Mohandas karamchand gandhiji. He is also called as bapu or bapuji in India.he is treated as father of nation (India).  He was born in a hindu merchant family. His parent’s karamchand Gandhi and putlibai gandhi .he studied law in London and firstly employed as an expatriate lawyer in South Africa. He returned to India in the year 1915 and struggled for civil rights of farmers, peasants and urbanlabours against British. He assumed leadership in Indian national congress in the year 1921. He participated in the movements like salt sathyagraha, quit India, dhandi march. He finally brought freedom for Indian people. He thought to collaborate Hindus and Muslims(India and Pakistan). However, he was assassinated by naturamgadse on 30 January 1948.

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